Walking Tours, Team Building and Events using Mixed Reality.

From imagination to reality, to location based technology, tagSpace brings you the tools to create, share and publish mixed reality experiences - quickly and easily.


Motion tracking accurate to 1 mm

We have motion tracking that is accurate to 1 mm and which does not rely on recognising objects or images like most other AR/MR systems. This means users can simply walk through the world and discover virtual objects in real time without having to "scan" anything using their phone cameras. tagSpace objects just appear exactly where they were created by their authors.


Track users. Any size, any area.

Most other AR/MR solutions only work within a small area such as a room or small space outside and fail to track a user's location after they have moved a few metres. tagSpace technology can track users indefinitely, through any area of any size, including parks and cities.

AR cloudsmll.jpg

Shared reality technology

All objects that are created and placed using tagSpace MR tech can persist forever in our AR Cloud and be shared between users of any devices. iOS users finally get to share with Android users and vice versa! Everyone sees the same thing at the same time in the same place, thanks to our "Shared Reality" technology. This tech also works on all modern smartphones, not just the latest ones that support ARKit or ARCore.