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Engage and inform audiences with an app where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. Ideal for walking tourism, destination guides, corporate tours, scavenger hunts, real estate, entertainment, venues, to name just a few.

Just about any place you can walk to, you can place an AR user experience there!



Explore Tours and Experiences near you using the in-app Tours Browser. You can even explore far away places via our Telelocation Tours.



Love to be there but can’t be? We’ll bring the location to you, using our powerful Telelocation technology.


Media Tags

Are like mini web pages that can be positioned at real-world locations. Discover information about a location or visualize snapshots of a place in time. Once selected, Tags reveal more detailed information as well as video and images. 

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3D Assets

Discover and interact with animating 3D objects or entire cinematic scenes. Using our Shared Reality technology, all users will see the same scenes, at the same time, from their own viewpoint - regardless of which device they are using.

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Collections and Rewards

Enable rewards by engaging users through each experience by integrating a collection based system through tours or create leaderboards when competing in team building challenges.

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Our Solutions

If your event, tour or experience is anywhere outside or in a huge space, with lots of people you’d like to guide, entertain or inform, we have a solution for you. Here are examples of our client industries…

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Walking Tours

Explore the world around you in its most exciting hotspots.

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Team Building

Take your workmates on the ultimate team building challenges.

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Get up to date key information and media at main events.