Compelling Visual Experiences for Events, Festivals and Stadiums

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A powerful opportunity to give events and festival-goers a unique experience, create more value for brand partners and address common issues such as safety, access to amenities, getting lost, and the need for real-time information updates.


Brand Partner Value

Brand partners can showcase their brand through interactive and engaging 3D content, with the ability to drive people to specific on-site locations.

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Fun Unique Experiences

Bring the show to life with animated and interactive experiences that increase fan and consumer engagement, multiplying the sense of festival and exhibition fun.

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Real-Time Updates

Virtual tags hovering directly above stages, exhibitions and selected POIs provide accurate location and up-to-date information (text, audio, video) on performances and engagements.

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Safety and Security

Safety is absolutely critical at all large public indoor and outdoor events with a requirement for clear and obvious safety and security signposts.

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