Improve safety, reliability and amplify brands at your festival with AR

Higher engagement for festival goers.
Higher conversion for brands.

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How can Augmented Reality help enhance festival experiences for fans and brands?

tagSpace helps with common issues such as safety, access to amenities, getting lost, and the need for real-time information updates. Brands gain exposure and increased conversion via a new, immersive channel.

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Drop your own tags
Tag your tent, car and even your friends!

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Tags of Interest
Filter tags to easily locate nearby activities.

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Provide Real-time Updates
Virtual tags providing up-to-date information.

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Improve Safety and Security
Address critical issue with clear and obvious safety guides.

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Create Your Experience

tagSpace’s powerful solution can be easily integrated with any existing mobile app or platform, also offering an easy-to-use tool to create your own Augmented Reality experience in just a few clicks. 

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Ready to introduce your brand to festival goers across the world?

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