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tagSpace is a Mixed Reality software platform on which mobile and wearable applications may be built.

It implements a brand new breed of location-based technology which augments reality with interactive 3D computer graphics, then integrates a powerful social interaction experience.


We are very proud to announce our new AR app

available on both iOS and Android


Our Team

Paul Martin CEO & Founder

Paul Martin

CEO & Founder

Romi Gråhed Producer

Romi Gråhed


Joshua Hansen Server Director

Joshua Hansen

Server Director

Simon Stebbing Senior Engineer

Simon Stebbing

Senior Engineer

Matthew Gibson UX/UI Programmer

Matthew Gibson

UX/UI Programmer

Pam Nicholls UX Director

Pam Nicholls

UX Director

Ben Crossman Graphics Engine Director

Ben Crossman

Graphics Engine Director

Phil Braica Senior Engineer

Phil Braica

Senior Engineer

Oscar Guillen Art Director

Oscar Guillen

Art Director

Tashan Bhalla QA/Assoc. Producer

Tashan Bhalla

QA/Assoc. Producer

Dave Anthony Advisor & Mentor

Dave Anthony

Advisor & Mentor

Julian Ward Advisor

Julian Ward





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