Cruising the Skies Above Your Home: Startup Releases Virtual Creatures Into The World

tagSpace Pty Ltd announces the launch of a new Mixed Reality viewing app

BONDI BEACH, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 11 AUGUST 2017: tagSpace Pty Ltd announces the release of its first mobile app, “tagSpace|EXPERIENCE”. The EXPERIENCE app offers users the ability to view large-scale, public, Mixed Reality experiences in an outdoor location, capture images of the virtual content, and immediately share to their connected social media networks.

The first viewing experience that comes bundled with the app features a life-sized dragon soaring through the sky around the user’s current, real-world location. Other experiences around the globe are scheduled to be released via tagSpace’s proprietary platform, “tagStorm”.

EXPERIENCE is the first in a series of Mixed Reality apps to be released by the company that will utilise the tagStorm platform. tagSpace’s CEO, Paul Martin explains “While tagSpace|EXPERIENCE is focused around entertainment with a clear business case for brand marketers, the next app to be released, tagSpace|DISCOVER, will focus on more utilitarian features of the tagStorm engine that allows users to view and interact with real-time information about the places around them.”.

tagSpace EXPERIENCE was launched yesterday on Apple’s App Store and will be closely followed by a Google Play Store launch in the coming weeks.

tagSpace Pty Ltd. is a tech start-up comprised of videogame industry veterans and founded by CEO, Paul Martin. tagSpace are developing a mixed-reality, location-based platform for creating interactive, social experiences running on mobile and wearable hardware.

Oscar Guillen