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  • backyard
  • 10 tags
  • 1 model
  • Hosting, Analytics, Support Brand Engagement, Movie IP, ...
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per month

+$15,000 setup

Save 18% with a 6 month plan

  • city square
    small park
  • 20 tags
  • 4 models
  • Hosting, Analytics, Support University Tours, Scavenger Hunts, ...
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per month

+$25,000 setup

Save 18% with a 6 month plan

  • all downtown
    large rec area
  • 50 tags
  • 8 models
  • Hosting, Analytics, Support Success Manager Tourism, Scavenger Hunts, ...
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Pick a pack!

Our monthly plans are in the form of tagPacks which are available in different sizes according to the scope of your desired AR experience. Experiences can be created literally anywhere on the planet from a mixture of 2D information "Tags" and 3D models.

Pick a tagPack size that you think best fits your needs, then easily upgrade or downgrade as you hone your requirements.



For each experience, we charge:



One Time Setup Fee

For model conversion, customization and consultation for your experience location


Monthly fee

For hosting, analytics, licensing and support


got 3D ideas, got no 3D art?



You can choose from our range of 3D animating graphics or easily upload your own assets if you have them.


Alternatively if you have ideas and need custom 3D art, our design team can bring them to life, priced on a per-project basis.



commitment issues?

Not sure this is the right solution for you?
Think it's the right solution but have too many ideas floating around to pick one?

No problem, sign up for a free trial account to set your bring your ideas to life for 1 week, then pay later to make them persist for as long as you need.