BONDI BEACH, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 22 MARCH 2017: Today, tagSpace Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based company in the mobile AR/VR industry, announced a new strategic alliance with New York brand strategy firm, Ripple Collective.

A chance meeting of their CEOs via a mutual friend led to a significant meeting that very quickly ended in a new partnership between the two digital companies.

Of the union, CEO and Founder Paul Martin said “Ripple will be a key channel-to-market for us through their experience and partnerships with their ‘A-list’ clients. Working together, we will be able to bring to life huge, public mixed-reality experiences which people will get to witness and share, powered by tagStorm our proprietary software platform.”

While the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality industry has been experiencing rapid growth, and attracting huge investment such as the $4.5 Billion start-up Magic Leap, many of the experiences require an expensive headset - an opportunity afforded to only a fraction of the 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Ripple Collective - they have a stellar record delivering experiential campaigns. The union of our technology with the well-loved brands of their clients means that we’re able to deliver new encounters that entertainment-lovers could only have dreamed of experiencing – until now. The best part is that it’ll be accessible to anyone with a smartphone.” said Romi Gråhed, Producer at tagSpace.

Ripple Collective is a brand strategy firm and start-up accelerator based in New York that offers strategic business, creative development and production services. They have developed and produced award-winning content and campaigns for a multitude of prestigious clients.

tagSpace Pty Ltd. is a tech start-up comprised of videogame industry veterans and founded by CEO, Paul Martin. tagSpace are developing a mixed-reality, location-based platform for creating interactive, social experiences running on mobile and wearable hardware.

Contact: Romi Gråhed