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Our developer platform, tagStorm, is a turn-key solution for rapidly creating mixed-reality experiences. Gain deep insights into customer behaviour such as campaign reach, social shares and popular user locations.


Our World Content Placement Tool

Tours can be created and persist anywhere in the world, ready to be experienced by users any time of day or night. Give users a tour of a city or any open space, in their own time.

Are like mini web pages that can be positioned at real-world locations. Show information about a location or visualize snapshots of a place in time.

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Tour Tag

Cities can contain multiple Tours. Each Tour is wrapped up in a user-selectable Tour Tag.

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3D Tag

Individual animating objects or entire 3D cinematic scenes can be placed via drag-n-drop.

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Media Tag

Multimedia information Tags. They can contain images, videos, text or full HTML.

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Telelocation Tag

Some users can’t get to a real-world location to experience the AR Tour? No problem, wrap up and transport that location to them using our VR-style Telelocations


Motion tracking accurate to 1 mm

We have motion tracking that is accurate to 1 mm that does not rely on recognizing objects or images like most other AR systems. Users can simply walk through the real world and discover virtual objects in real time without having to "scan" anything using their phone cameras. tagSpace objects magically appear exactly where they were created by their authors.

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Track user movement. Any size, any area.

Most other AR solutions only work within a small area such as a room or small space outside and fail to track a user's location accurately. tagSpace technology can track users indefinitely, throughout any area of any size, including parks and cities.


AR Cloud

Our proprietary cloud technology ensures all your created Tours and content can persist forever at the real-world locations where they have been created.

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Publish Your AR Tour

Publish your AR Tour as a URL once you're happy with the result, ready to distribute to your audience.

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Shared Reality technology

All objects that are created and placed using tagSpace AR technology can persist forever in our proprietary AR Cloud and be shared between users on any device. iOS users finally get to share with Android users and vice versa! Everyone sees the same thing at the same time in the same place, thanks to our "Shared Reality" technology.

This technology also works on all modern smartphones, not just those that support ARKit or ARCore.

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