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create a different reality...

Our developer platform, tagStorm, is a turn-key solution for rapidly creating mixed-reality experiences. Gain deep insights into customer behavior such as campaign reach, social shares and popular user locations.


1. Create

Create custom animated and interactive 3D scenes that will play out in the real world. Similar to a classic video games editor but with the world as your canvas.

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2. Publish

  • Once you are happy with your scene, use our web portal to place it at any real world location.
  • Set some parameters such as how far away you want users to witness your creation.
  • Publish your Experience as a URL once you're happy with the result, ready to distribute to your audience.
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3. View & Share

End-users get to view your custom mixed-reality Experiences via the free EXPERIENCE and DISCOVER apps.

The apps will install & run your Experience automatically via your custom URL from the publishing step.

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4. Analyze

Get up to date data from content across EXPERIENCE and DISCOVER apps. Offering marketing analytics for businesses of all sizes to better understand your users.

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